Walla Walla University identity

The Walla Walla University logo is designed to honor the tradition and history of the institution through the illustrative quality of the column, and also provide a contemporary facet through a more modern type treatment. The following documents contains guidelines that describe the ways in which the logo should, and should not be used. It is important that these guidelines be followed to ensure continuity among all applications. Guidelines cover the logo, 标识版本, 标志类型, size and space guidelines, the business system, placement guidelines, improper uses of the logo, and the official fonts and color palette.


Web color palette

RGB (101,105,80)

RGB (121, 98, 73)

# c36d2a
RGB (195, 109, 42)

# C7ae86
RGB (199, 174, 134)

RGB (102, 127, 164)

RGB (135, 116, 101)

RGB (150, 20, 0)