Campus Medical Requirements and Resources

Requirements for freshmen and transfer 学生s:


1. Submit required health forms

Student must submit the following forms as part of the registration process. If you have questions about this part of the process, please call the Office of 学生生活 at (509) 527-2511.

Tuberculosis screening

All 学生s are required to submit this formComplete the TB screening form >
轻微的同意学生 under 18 are required to submit this formSubmit a preauthorization to treat minors consent form >


Consent forms should be sent to:

传真: 学生生活 office | (509) 527-2674

电子邮件:  学生

注意: When you submit your forms, they must be reviewed by university  staff before your account will be updated and health items are removed from your to-do list. If you have questions, contact 学生

If your submission does not meet registration requirements, we will notify you via the email address you have provided on your form. 


2. Review your health insurance

All undergraduate and graduate 学生s (including international 学生s) must be covered by a health insurance plan. 学生 are responsible for obtaining and maintaining their health insurance. Check that Columbia County 健康 is included in your in-network coverage or consider another health insurance plan. View insurance resources >

3. Consider a physical exam (可选)

A complete physical is recommended for new 学生s. This examination can be performed by your regular physician.

4. V疫苗(可选)

In the spirit of caring for the wellness of our entire community, we recommend that individuals receive MMR and meningococcal vaccines. MMR vaccines protect against measles, 流行性腮腺炎, 和风疹, and is recommended by the CDC for 学生s at post-high school educational institutions who do not have presumptive immunization. Meningococcal disease requires close contact to spread so is a concern on college campuses, especially for 学生s living in residence halls. Ask your doctor which vaccines you need. 注意: Some WWU programs (such as nursing and education) may have specific requirements related to their work with external orginizations.
Learn more about Meningococcal disease and how to prevent it >



WWU 校园安全
(509) 527-2222

(509) 529-9922
Sexual Assault, 滥用, Rape, Domestic Violence

(509) 524-2999
心理健康 & Substance 滥用 危机 Line

(509) 529-3377 
WW County (food card for the food bank)

(509) 382-8349

(509) 527-2147

Student 健康 and Wellness